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"MISSION STATEMENT:- To facilitate the establishment of a broader appreciation of Africa’s artistic heritage and bring more people to support the growth and development of young indigenous creative talents in Africa. "

As an accomplished artist, with exhibitions in Nigeria, Brunei, the Philippines, the UK, the USA and Korea, I have personally come to know that a good Art piece, whether a Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic ware would make a good interior material for every home, office, hotel or government buildings. At PrintPlus we strive to please you with our quality and authentic Art works, from all around Africa and even beyond the continent. You can also have your life-sized potrait painted on oil, pastel or water colours. We are presently working with an African Arts/Craft company based in Scotland, in that we supply them with most of the African themed paintings and sculptures in their shops all around the UK. We pay attention to every detail. We go the extra mile to provide impeccable services to you. Visit our Gallery and you would never be disappointed. " - Iyke Aghanya (CEO PrintPlus) "

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